Our Qigong medical centre is one of the best Qigong medical institutes approved by the Chinese government. Our medical centre is located in western Beijing and its site is of high geomantic quality. Doctor Wan Sujian is a famous Qigong master in China. He inherited his expertise from his family¡¯s traditional Qigong legacy and he had studied with well-known Qigong masters.
 For 20 years, Master Wan and his students have welcomed many patients and guests from Japan, U.S.A, France, Singapore, Canada, Sweden and many other countries. 
The process of application and our acceptance is as the following:
1.Analysis of patients¡¯ cases:
  Patients can submit their clinical data or medical records from their countries on our website, or through E-mail, fax . We will analyze and discuss all medical records received after translation
2.Selection by priority criterias:
  A.Patients who can not be cured by western medical treatment, for examples: neuropathic pain,cancer,  
  B.Patients with miscellaneous diseases seeking Chinese traditional medical treatment.
  C.People who are seeking to rebuild their health with traditional qigong recovery treatment.
  D.People willing to study traditional Chinese qigong in order to achieve a healthy and long life.

3.Patient admission
    A.  After analysis, we will send out acceptance notices to selected patients. Patients should then submit their VISA applications to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their own country.
    B. Patients should inform us of their VISA approval, flight number and date/time of arrival to Beijing Capital Airport. We will arrange qualified medical staff with foreign language skills to pick you up at the airport.
    C.  Our medical staff can speak English and Japanese.
4.Medical treatment in our center
  A. According to patients¡¯medical records and illness, we will prepare a customized medical recovery plan which may include: qigong treatment, body massage, foot message, and traditional Chinese medication. Our staff can teach the patients qigong, tai chi, Shaolin martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism, and Taoist qigong.


Foot Massage with Chinese Herbal Lotion

Chinese Acupuncture and Tui Na 

Rehabilitation with Traditional  Chinese Medicine Therapy

Chinese Herbal Therapy for Health Recovery 

  Training Tai Chi, Health Qigong, and Buddhist and Taoist exercises

Rehabilitation Training Exercises in Action

    B. According to Patients¡¯ Illness or Specific Needs, We Arrange a Proper Diet.

                    Elegant Accommodations                                     Good Food with Therapeutic Characteristics

    C. Practicing Qigong in Beijing¡¯s Ancient Parks and in Other Places of Historic Interest and Scenic Beauty.  

Physical Training, Relaxation Therapy, and Qi Gathering at Old Scenic Parks and Other Places of Interest  

    D.Periodical Medical Consultation 


5.Leaving Our Medical Center
   Most patients arrange their flights to return home after treatment schedule before their arrival.
   For those who require longer treatment, we will submit visa extension forms to local the police station in Beijing for them.

   Before leaving, we will hand out medical records and a recovery summary to all patients. We will also confirm flight tickets and arrange transportation to the airport for all patients.

   We are sincerely looking forward to the wonderful opportunity to meet you all in Beijing! Your journey to recovery in our medical center will be a treasured memory and an important step towards the achievement of a healthier and more more enjoyable life. We will provide you the very best service and qigong treatment!

6.Contact us£º
   Tel: 0086-010¡ª8872 9330  8872 2308   Fax: 0086-010-8871 9254   8871 9329
   E-mail: wansujian@263.net   wanqigong6688@yahoo.com.cn

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