Studying Taoist Qigong in Beijing Will Bring You a Happy, Healthy, and Long Life(BaGua Xun Dao Gong) 

        Our qigong medical and education center is a professional organization approved by the Chinese government.Because of our  contribution in international exchange, our  long expertise in Chinese qigong treatment, our  assistance in disaster relief, and our continuous aid to the well-being of orphans and disabled children, our center was recognized by the Chinese government as a highly distinguished organization. Our medical centre is located in western Beijing, a 50 minute drive from Beijing Capital airport. The medical centre is in a beautiful, geomantically charged setting with excellent feng shui. Doctor Wan Sujian is qigong master famous throughout  China; he inherited his family’s traditional qigong knowledge and has studied the experiences of previous qigong masters. For 20 years, Master Wan and his students have welcomed many people interested in qigong practice from Japan, U.S.A, France, Singapore, Canada, Sweden and many other countries.

Duty-bound to Provide Relief to Earthquake Victim

First on the Frontline to Save Lives 

Giving Love and Warmth to Disabled Children 

International Exchange

Enthusiastic hospitality of our international friends

The Process of Application and Acceptance is as Follows: 
 1.Application and Acceptance
    Individuals and groups can submit their applications on our website, or through E-mail or fax.
    We will propose a schedule of qigong practice according to the applicants’ requirements. Our proposals will then be confirmed with the applicants.
    1)  Following confirmation, Master Wan will send out an invitation to all applicants. Applicants should then submit their VISA applications to Chinese Embassies or Consulates in their home countries.
    2)  Patients should inform us of their VISA approval status and give us their flight number and date and time of arrival in Beijing. We will arrange for a qualified medical staff with foreign language skills  to pick you up at the airport.
    3)  Our medical staff can speak English and Japanese. 
2.Guests’ Choices     
    1)Beginners will study history of Chinese qigong and basic qigong practice. Guests can recover from fatigue and sickness, increase their internal energy, and achieve healthier and longer lives by receiving qigong recovery treatment and developing  their own qigong practice. 

   2) After going through beginning, intermediary, and higher level of qigong study, people can become qigong instructor, teacher, or doctor. We will award certificates to individuals who fulfill the qualifications. 

3. Contents of Qigong Practice:
    A) A complete study of Chinese qigong pratice and theory involves gaining a mastery of qigong exercises, wai qi (qi projection), acupoints, and other healing modalities. Students will be exposed to the wide variety of qigong-related practices such as qigong meditation, walking meditation, qigong tea ceremony, Taoist dietetics, Taoist music, and the study of Shaolin and Taoist martial arts.

The Profound Breadth of Chinese Culture 

5000 Years of Taoist Culture  

Health Qigong 


Training in Qigong Exercises

B)  Visitors will have opportunities to study higher level qigong practices and visit the sites of qigong’s historical origin under the lead of Master Wan and his students. 

A Mentor of Professor Wan ---- Elder Daoist Priest teaches tai chi

 C) During your stay at the center, you will receive and experience qigong treatment, foot massage, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs.You can also learn how to give treatments to others.

Chinese Medicine Treatments for Good Health

Each day, You Will Enjoy Healthy, Delicious Chinese Cuisine.

We Welcome Our Friends from Around the World! 

Feel a Different Culture ------Taoist tea ceremony 

D) Our sightseeing tours are an opportunity to gather qi in natural and historic settings.

Joyous and Unforgettable Trips!  

Water Hexagram Training 

1. According to people’s level of study and selected study content,we can arrange 3 day, 6 day, 12 day, or 30 day qigong study and practice.
2. According to  guests’ requirements and level of qigong study, we can arrange qigong practice in our medical center in Beijing or in other famous sites condusive to the practice of qigong, such as Wudang Mountain, Shaolin Temple, Taishan Mountain, Tibet, etc.  

A Beautiful Training Journey

Training at Points on Earth Charged with Profound Feng Shui Energy 

Tibetan Buddhism

C. We will tailor perfect and effective plans suitable for all. 
D. Upon completion of a course,students will be awarded certificates of study.

5.  Let’s participate in qigong practice in our center for world peace, for health,and for harmony in our families! We guarantee you the best service, education,and a perfect life experience. This will be an unforgettable journey in your life.

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