Wan Su Jian was born in 1953, the County of Shandong Province Ning. The ancestors of several generations of Chinese medicine doctor and OK Wu bodyguard for a living. Parents' youth to participate in the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in the armed forces engaged in medical work. Wan Su Jian young follow their parents to study medicine, and to worship Taoist teacher practitioners. He graduated from the Capital Medical College, Beijing Military Medical School, Open University, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chief physician. The current Beijing Traditional Medical Exchange Center Director, Dean of the Shijingshan District, Beijing Red Cross Shao family slope rehabilitation hospital. And served as the director, expert member of the China Qigong Scientific Research Association, the army of Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong Professional Committee, vice chairman of Beijing Qigong Research Association, vice chairman of the World Medical Qigong Society.

Wan Su Jian Taoist yin and yang, gossip thinking based on the combination of medical principles, summed up by the long-term practice and an overall clinical treatment and fitness Qigong health exercises, traditional medicine exchange center and rehabilitation hospital for 20 years, bed 40 Zhang, the staff of 36 people. Established research and teaching of Chinese qigong, clinical treatment, practicing health as one of the courtyard. Expand the hospital treatment of difficult patients at home and abroad, and receive at home and abroad to seek health and longevity health treatment and exercises to teach, and receive the love of Qigong in traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong Science and medicine fellow the clinical Daipei studies.

The main academic works gossip through guided power of clinical qigong, traditional Chinese medical Qigong school. Wan Su Jian gossip through guided power for its unique therapeutic effects by qigong circles at home and abroad, the press attention. CCTV, Beijing TV, the People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Liberation Army Daily "," Health News "several times to give coverage and publicity. August First Film Studio shooting a feature film.

Wan Su Jian on several occasions to go to Japan, the United States, France, Malaysia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and other countries to give lectures to teach the exercises.

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