For the poverty-stricken areas of the orphans and disabled children's medical relief

Wan Su Jian-rate disciples perennial free clinic and medical assistance for orphans and disabled children of China's poverty-stricken areas. More than 300 abandoned orphans and disabled children, foster the well-intentioned people at home in a mountain village in the poor mountainous areas of Shanxi Province, Datong County. 2001 so far, Wan Su Jian rate medical team went to perennial and a fellow of the United States, Japan, France, Britain and other countries join the medical team action and contribution. Japan Anan Wei Mao and his wife Virginia Anami took the support of our cause, the construction of an orphans and disabled children's activity center in the village. Wan Su Jian selection shelter in the village has six orphans and disabled children arrived in Beijing center, train to become a good nurse, qigong, MD.

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